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About Beachcomber's Ski & Sport


Our store front in beautiful Lake Havasu City.

Beachcomber's Ski & Sport is the place to be, come here and you'll see Gary!


Established in 1977, Beachcombers started out in Parker, Arizona. Once the store in Parker took off a decision was made to bring it to Lake Havasu City so it could grow even more; which it has exponentially. The stores in Huntington Beach and Parker no longer exist. All of our time and effort is being focused into the Lake Havasu City store. We are walking distance to the historic London Bridge and located right in the heart of Havasu, otherwise known as Paradise.

Our store is about 7000 square feet and two stories of fun beach atmosphere. Beachcombers is the retail store that has everything for your beach-y needs

Why we are the best

When it comes to active lifestyles; we got it all. Competitive prices, top-tier customer service, and all the top name brands all here for you. That's right, you are what makes Beachcombers, well, Beachcombers!


Remember: there are NO bad days at Beachcombers.

Gary Hatch